Cuisine. Cocktail. Butterfly Gin Sour. 6.4.20

Butterfly Pea Blossom tea is derived from small blue flowers from Thailand, and is interesting as a colorant/infusion to alcohol, since if you add something that moves the pH to the acid side of the scale, the liquid phases from deep blue to almost a magenta/plum color.

To make the gin, add 4 oz of Navy Strength gin like Greenhat to 4 oz of Hendricks Gin in a mason jar with a good sealing lid. Add 2 heaping teaspoons of the tea to the liquid, seal, and refrigerate to infuse for about 30 minutes before you make your cocktail.

Also, put a gimlet glass in the freezer.


2.0 oz Blue Gin infusion

Juice of one lemon

Teaspoon of blue agave syrup

1.0 oz Kirschwasser

0.25 oz Limoncello

A small atomizer filled with white vermouth

Stir the booze, syrup and the juice in a mixing glass with ice.

Lightly mist your frosted gimlet with vermouth.

Decant your cocktail using a strainer to catch any lemon seeds or bits of tea that may have escaped notice.


Butterfly Gin Sour

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