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Politics. Employment. A Tiny Grain of Sand. 1.19.2020

Sometimes you have to work for people who are less than honorable to keep the lights on. Sometimes integrity is a luxury that people with resources can afford, and the rest of us wish we could. But for those of … Continue reading

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Art. Design. When Are You Ready For a Graphic Designer? 10.23.2018

As a design professional and freelancer, part of the struggle in today’s world is in turning away business. Yes, turning away business, because too often, a prospective client is not ready for a designer (yet). The first thing you need … Continue reading

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Art. Working on my brand.

I’m in process of putting up portfolio websites for my art-brain, and for my design-brain, because apparently, corporate America would be shocked and appalled at the idea of nudity and eroticism. So here’s my new “Corporate” logo.

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