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Cuisine. Cocktail. Butterfly Gin Sour. 6.4.20

Butterfly Pea Blossom tea is derived from small blue flowers from Thailand, and is interesting as a colorant/infusion to alcohol, since if you add something that moves the pH to the acid side of the scale, the liquid phases from … Continue reading

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Cuisine. Would you like a slice of pie? 4-20-14

Cherry pie from those weirdly red canned cherries covered in goo can be nice if you just want a quick fix of something sweet to serve with ice cream. If you want cherry pie, and fresh cherries are not in … Continue reading

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Cuisine. Teensy-weensy-little-pie.

For this, you will need some sour-cherry pie filling, a shot of kirshwasser (cherry liqueur), a standard pie crust recipe, and ganache. Sour cherry pie filling, two cans of it, needs to sit overnight in a sealed container with 2 … Continue reading

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