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Art. Sex. Drawing while naked.

A second drawing session had its inaugural tonight at Vitruvian. In a normal drawing session, there is a room full of people and one naked person. In my mind this sets up an odd sort of hierarchy and power dynamic … Continue reading

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Cuisine. An alternative to the bowl of mush.

Yesterday, I made a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Usually I cook two portions of everything I make so I can have leftovers and if I’m feeling lazy, a meal or a snack after a 3:00 pop in the microwave. … Continue reading

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Art. Vitruvian Gallery. Washington DC sketch session

Tonight at Vitruvian was a first. A woman decided to join us for sketch session. The first few moments were awkward. After a bit, things lightened up and we got to work, but the erotic charge I’ve come to like … Continue reading

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Cuisine. From leftovers to comfort food.

Supermarket roast chicken, as I’ve mentioned before, can be a great time-saver. After a long day of work, I, for one, have no patience with any meal that will take me longer than 30 minutes from opening the fridge with … Continue reading

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Cuisine. The Open-Faced Chicken Salad Sandwich.

I like a roast chicken, especially one that I haven’t had to roast. Most grocery stores do pretty good ones nowadays, so if I’m looking to cut down on prep time for a meal, picking up a couple of them … Continue reading

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Art: Vitruvian Gallery – Valentines Day 2013

Tonight, I made cookies (chocolate chunk with dried cherries and pecans), wrapped ’em up pretty, grabbed the drawing board, sketch pad, a couple beers, and the box-o-pencils, and off to sketch session I went. Here are tonight’s results:

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Politics. The State of the Union.

I watched tonight. The speech contained all the expected elements, with reasons backing up the prescription for what ails the US economy, and telegraphing our foreign policy stance for the remainder of the Presidency. I think he did a good … Continue reading

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Cusine. Vegetables. Meh.

I like bread. Cheese is delightful. Meat, fish, poultry – divine. I hate vegetables. Really. I despise them. Meh. That said, not eating them is not an option. I could buy all kinds of supplements but that’s not financially practical. … Continue reading

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Cuisine. A recharge breakfast.

Last night, celebrating a friend’s soon to be 40th birthday, there was Patron. And tomato wine, and lots and lots of giggling like fools. After nights like these, light and healthy is not my first choice. Since I’m moving soon, … Continue reading

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Shells and meatballs Putanesca

Let’s say you lived in a city and the housewives complained to the church and government that hookers were seducing their husbands. Working girls gotta eat (and sometimes feed husbands with bad cooks for wives), the girls were “encouraged” to … Continue reading

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