Art. Sex. Drawing at The Nudio. 8-9-16.

Tonight’s drawings.

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Cuisine. brunch. cast iron skillet cooking. Spanish Eggs. 8-7-16

​Spanish Eggs: parboil fingerling potatoes. Heat a cast iron skillet with butter and olive oil, garlic, smoked Spanish paprika and dried herbs at 425°F. Take the skillet from the oven, put in the potatoes and break them lightly with a masher. Put them in for 30 minutes.

About 10 minutes before done, use a spatula to turn the potatoes, then add diced tomatoes, sliced cheddar, and break 3 eggs over it all. Crank the oven to 450, and put the skillet back in. Should be 7-10 minutes to finish, depending on how done you like your eggs


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cuisine. booze. Sunday brunch part one. 08-07-16

​Apricot Sunrise:
.5 oz Creme de Apricot.

1 oz Apricot infused vodka

.5 oz Marachino liqueur

2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice.

juice of one lime

2 oz Champagne
Pour the creme de Apricot, the infused vodka, the Marachino liqueur and the juices into a shaker with 4 ice cubes. Stir until the ice melts a bit.
Put two wedges of infused apricot into a champagne glass. Strain contents of shaker with a Hawthorne strainer.
Top with champagne.
Served with Spanish Eggs.

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Sex. Art. A twisted Rubens inspiration

What if instead of gloriously fat naked women floating on swings in front of baroque clouds, it was glorious naked, fat hairy men?

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Art. Sex. Never throw out your roughs. 7.30.16

Quick 90 second warn-up sketches are often thought of as throw-aways by many artists, and usually done on poor quality newsprint.

Consider upgrading your paper quality and keeping those sketches.


A lousy rough can sometimes be pushed into service as the bones under a nice finished drawing.




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Art. Sex. The Nudio. Model – anonymous

Naked Drawing Group July session was cancelled today. There was a friend of the scheduled model who always wanted to pose nude for figure drawing, he was available today, so sometimes things work out for the best. 

The images are cropped from the original, as the likenesses were close, and the model requested discretion.

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Cuisine. Booze. Japanese Whiskey in a cocktail? 

​2 oz Hibiki Whiskey

.75 oz Triple sec

2 oz mint syrup

6 ice cubes

Into the blender at the frozen drink setting. 

It should be garnished with mint or shizo leaves (fresh)

I think I’ll call it Ice Cold Samurai.

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