Art. Sex. The New Year. 1.4.17

Took a break from creating art -politics had my attention and now that the worst is coming to pass, I am grasping at joy where I can.

Peter came over and gave me an hour of his time.

Tonight’s drawings:

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Politics. The Game Ahead. 12.20.16

​Slightly less than half of the people in this country watched the news, saw what was happening, and thought they wanted no parts of it and stayed home, or “integrity” voted for Stein or Johnson.
We’re long past the point where people get to pretend there is any integrity in politics, and abstention of voting in this climate means you voted for the GOP.
They show up.
Democrats need to learn and learn quickly that integrity is a luxury none of us can afford in politics, and our job is to show the fuck up. We’re about to get two very ugly years of punishment and I hope we survive it, and second, I hope people learn politics ain’t football. 
There are no rules.
You don’t always know who is on your team.
You will be rewarded for fighting dirty, so fight dirty.
The prize is the survival of the ideals and protections we hold most dear.
Start showing up.
The best way to fight this and fight hard is locally. 
Show up to school board meetings, town council meetings and hearings.

Fight for your country.

Show up.

If you are feeling hopeless and paralyzed right now, you aren’t alone. Get away from your cell phone, your TV, and your computer and go get involved in person in your community. Our isolation, even though we are connected online, works against us in local power structures.

If they don’t see you at meetings, it’s assumed you don’t care and they’ll do what they want because they show up.

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Art. Sex. Nudio Sessions. Model: Peter 11.29.16

Brief weeknight session with one of my local models

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Art. Sex. Nudio sessions. Model: Michael. September 30, 2016

Reconnected with a model I’ve drawn with NDG a few years ago who expressed interest in one-on-one private session modelling.

Got some pretty good drawings from the session.

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Art. Sex. NDG. Model Peter. 9-24 session and DrawingWhileDrinking

Met this week for Naked Drawing Group on Saturday and Friday night, went to my local bar with my art bag and drew a bit.

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Art. Sex. The Nudio. Model: Peter

Unexpected session tonight after work – one of my roster models was in the neighborhood, so some art was made.

Tonight’s drawings:

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Art. Sex. Drinking While Drawing @ DC Eagle

I am socially awkward, but not bad at conversation once I get warmed up. In an effort to get out more and get past my shyness, I grab a pad and my art kit, and head down to the local leather bar to drink beer, draw what I am inspired to draw, and occasionally engage in a few chats with the curious.

The current group of drawings are on paper made from recycled coffee bean bags, so it has a yellow/tan tint to it.

Mainly, the drawings are daydreams inspired by the folks at the bar.

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