Art. Sex. NDG. Model Peter. 9-24 session and DrawingWhileDrinking

Met this week for Naked Drawing Group on Saturday and Friday night, went to my local bar with my art bag and drew a bit.

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Art. Sex. The Nudio. Model: Peter

Unexpected session tonight after work – one of my roster models was in the neighborhood, so some art was made.

Tonight’s drawings:

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Art. Sex. Drinking While Drawing @ DC Eagle

I am socially awkward, but not bad at conversation once I get warmed up. In an effort to get out more and get past my shyness, I grab a pad and my art kit, and head down to the local leather bar to drink beer, draw what I am inspired to draw, and occasionally engage in a few chats with the curious.

The current group of drawings are on paper made from recycled coffee bean bags, so it has a yellow/tan tint to it.

Mainly, the drawings are daydreams inspired by the folks at the bar.

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Sex. Art. The Nudio Sessions. Model: Wade. 9-3-16

Today’s session:

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Cuisine. Booze. The Snick. 8.29.16

​The Snick

1.5 oz Brokers Gin

.5 oz Grande Absinthe

1 oz St Germain

one Meyer lemon squeezed, minus two very thin slices

Juice of one lime

Schrappy’s Cardamom bitters

Fever Tree Indian formula Tonic
Chill a stylish martini glass (Thanks Carrie Jean).
Booze and juice in a Boston shaker with a big fucking ice cube. 
Shake until condensation forms.
Pour through a Hawthorne strainer.
Top with tonic.
Float Meyer lemon slices on the edge of a knife.
4 drops of cardamom bitters.

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Art. Sex. Drawing at The Nudio. 8-9-16.

Tonight’s drawings.

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Cuisine. brunch. cast iron skillet cooking. Spanish Eggs. 8-7-16

​Spanish Eggs: parboil fingerling potatoes. Heat a cast iron skillet with butter and olive oil, garlic, smoked Spanish paprika and dried herbs at 425°F. Take the skillet from the oven, put in the potatoes and break them lightly with a masher. Put them in for 30 minutes.

About 10 minutes before done, use a spatula to turn the potatoes, then add diced tomatoes, sliced cheddar, and break 3 eggs over it all. Crank the oven to 450, and put the skillet back in. Should be 7-10 minutes to finish, depending on how done you like your eggs


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