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Art. Sex. NDG. July 29. Model: Adam.

I run a drawing group in Washington DC in which naked men draw other naked men.  Yes. And its fun too. For more info about the group go to Tonight’s drawings:

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Politics. Life, Death, Family and Pets. 07.27.14

Yesterday was a good day. Looking at it by the amount of time it takes to travel from just outside of Washington DC, into the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania, I spent a little over a quarter of the day … Continue reading

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Art. Sex. Vitruvian Drawing Group. 07-24-14. Jeremy.

Learn the rules. Know the rules. Break the rules. Tonight, when walking around the room, chatting with the artists and looking at the diverse styles of portraying the same figure standing naked in the center of the room, there were … Continue reading

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Cuisine. Oh no. Really? Really. 07.24.14

I have a secret.  At least once a month, on my way home from drawing naked men, I stop at McDonald’s. Yes. The Golden Arches.  Those people.  Now that you have judged me for filth, and decided I am one … Continue reading

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Cuisine. Black Bananas can be delicious. 07-20-14

  Well, last night, I went downtown with a friend of mine to a little French Bistro (Bearnaise) after a drink on the deck discussing where to go for dinner. Roasted marrow bones (sounds disgusting, tastes fantastic), Duck Confit, and … Continue reading

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Art. Nudio at Dry Creek. 07-19-2014. James

Little change of pace today. Decided to have my model (and muse, I guess) in to the the studio today, but rather than working on figurative drawings, I’m practicing on my portraiture. These were all roughly 30 minute sittings: I … Continue reading

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Art. Vitruvian Drawing Group. Model: Justin. 07-17-14

Tonight’s drawing: The model pictured is competing in a Runner’s World cover model search.  A link will be sent later so you can vote for him and show a little support. Update:  The link to vote for Justin is below:

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Politics. Yeah. I know you like Hillary, but… 07-17-14

This will likely piss off a few Hillary fans, but maybe you should read it anyway? We’re not a monarchy. Hillary was First Lady, then was handed the position of Secretary of State to shut her fans up so … Continue reading

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Sex. Art. Naked Drawing Group. July 15, 2014. John

We tried something new tonight, hence two drawings. One drawing was done at various time intervals of 10-15 minutes. The other was done as John posted for 90 seconds, changed position, and repeated for a total of 10 poses @ … Continue reading

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Art. The DryCreek Project. When the neighbors start to slip… 07-13-14

So I was outside, doing the usual cutting of the grass and pulling the chicory out of the green strip between the sidewalk and the road, and I look over at this plot of land next door to the house.  … Continue reading

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