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Politics. The Trap of the Feel Good Story. 03.26.2020

I love that people are stepping up and innovating solutions, and I admire that in people. This is humanity at its best and most generous. I am infuriated that we had and have multiple opportunities to be proactive about this … Continue reading

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Sex. Social Distancing and the Solitary Gay Man. Part One. 3.20.20

Masturbation is a part of life for most sexual beings. Most times, we do it alone, to take the edge off. It’s perfunctory. We know where the buttons are, how hard to push, what to gently stroke and when, if … Continue reading

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Politics. Hosting Guests in a Pandemic. 3-14-2020

We are living in interesting times. This week, COVID-19 – a Coronavirus believed to have originated in a live animal market in Wuhan, China – was declared a global pandemic earlier this week. It came in at a time of … Continue reading

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