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Avid foodie and kitchen tinkerer, artist, news junky and political wonk, musician, blogger, naturist, dog-daddy, and owner of a kinky play-space. ...and did I mention I'm single ;)

Politics. An Anniversary of Luxury. F@ck-Burberry. 04.09.22

Before I went to Philly seven years ago, back when I took annual shopping trips/mini vacays, I saw a man on the DC metro with a BEAUTIFUL computer bag, from Burberry. It was honey brown, had brass buckles, looked just … Continue reading

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Cuisine. The Lost Hour. 09.22.21

A few times a year, I find my sharpening stones, put them into soak, take my knives down from their magnetic holder at their station, and I put the knives through ever-finer grades of stone. From the most coarse, I … Continue reading

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20 Years, Trillions of Dollars, and We Have Learned Nothing

We will never forget. …but will we will need think about a few things. How many people did we kill in Iraq after we invaded a country for no justifiable reason – and when the world knows the real reason … Continue reading

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Adult. Self. Processing. Can I put down this bag? 7-20-21

During the pandemic and up until two days ago, I had grown to accept a low hum of existential dread and anxiety as something I just needed to live with, because we are living in strange and for some, terrible … Continue reading

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Cuisine. Pesto. 7-14-21

Here in the Washington DC area, the basil is getting a bit leggy. Clip or pinch it above a leaf junction to encourage your basil to get more bushy and to develop stability. Then, go make some pesto. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Politics. “Honest Education” and why teachers must defend it in the US. 7-7-21

Critical Race Theory is a college-level theory course in which they examine how laws and economics, whether intentionally or not (but in most cases, it was intentional) created inequalities in society that cut along racial lines in the US and … Continue reading

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Cocktails. Strawberry Limeaid Gimlet

1.75 oz Aviation Gin.75 oz Napoleon Mandarine.75 oz Luxardo Marachino.5 oz Lavender syrup1.75 oz Strawberry syrupJuice of two limes Shake over ice for 20 seconds and serve in an iced gimlet

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Cuisine (of sorts). A year in quarantine, a vaccine, and the garden scene. 5-3-21

It has been roughly a year since the murmurings and whispers and news of folks stuck on a cruise ship unable to come to shore happened. Its been roughly a year since people got really scary-sick a couple weeks after … Continue reading

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Politics. In Honor of a Leader on the Day of His Birth. 01-18-2021

Usually, when people want the country to sing kumbaya, ignore trespasses and injustice, and not hold racist White folks accountable, they pull a random quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and weaponize his words for their convenience, much like oppressors … Continue reading

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Art. Sex. Socially Distanced Drawing. 12-29-20

With air filters running, masks on, a brief 15 minutes was spent drawing today.

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