Art. Drawing at Gateway. Model: James. 10-16-18

Delightful, small drawing location a block and a half from the house.

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Cusine. Booze. Stregga D’Or

Cocktail Time: Stregga D’Or
.25 oz Stregga
1.0 oz St. Germain
2.0 oz Hendricks Gin
1.0 oz Meyer Lemon Syrup plus 2 very thin Meyer lemon wheels (seeded)

Ice a gimlet

Shake syrup, and booze over ice

Dump the gimlet and shake out excess water, then strain in your drink

Garnish with lemon wheels and a gentle spritz of seltzer

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Art. Sex. Naked Drawing Group. Model: Albert. 9-24-18

The first time I draw a model, I create a collage, filling the space on the page with the various poses.

Tonight’s work.:


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Art. Sex. Drawing Peter at the Private Studio. 9-10-18

I do enjoy the opportunities to draw where the model is there just for me, to pose as I choose. He knows he has my undivided attention and where my eyes land on his body as he holds his poses, knowing when I draw his arms, his chest, and the smirk as I concentrate on the lines and curves of his penis and balls, where occasionally, sometimes to the model’s chagrin, his penis decides to show off, and to my delight, and sometimes his embarrassment, it continues to show off, despite his best efforts.

The erotic tension sometimes finds it’s way through brain, arm and pencil, onto the page.

The moment subsides, but the images remain.

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Art. Sex. Private Session. Model: Eric P. 7-28-18

Models come in to an artist’s life, but they rarely stay. Since I’ve started drawing erotic nudes, and because of the transient nature of DC, quite a few men who have allowed me to stare at them while I drag a pencil lazily across paper have come and gone.

New models come, some return, most don’t, as for a lot of the men I draw, time moves on, as do careers, tastes, desires, etc.

I am honored that for a time, some truly lovely men, both in the bodies they present to the world, and the kind, gentle souls that run beneath that ever fleeting moment, where the light hits them and illuminates, and leaves the viewer struggling to concentrate, but still attempting to capture and record a moment, in a way that is passing from this world as we point the lens of our little computers at what we see and press a projected button on a screen.

…in the fond hope of capturing a moment only a little less bright and slightly less beautiful than the reality of the moment, and the ever blurred and romanticised memory that echoes through our minds.

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Cuisine. Booze. Carrot Cake Cocktail. 7-24-18


ocktail time: Carrot Cake
No frosting necessary. Give it a minute. It makes it’s own.

4.0 oz fresh carrot juice (including those little red and purple ones from the garden
.25 oz St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram
.5 oz Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur
.5 oz Mandarine Napoleon
1.75 oz Pampero Anniversario
3-5 drops Bittercube Blackstrap bitters

Shake over ice and strain into a doubles glass with a fancy ice globe. Garnish with blackstrap bitters.

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Art. Sex. Shooting with the new lights. Model: D. 7.3.18

I bought a set of Neewer LED photographer/video lights about 6 weeks ago via Amazon. The power unit on a lighting rig should not be blinking erratically, after about 20 minutes of use, so that cut the number of light sources down in my test shoot tonight to two.

Can’t say I’m pleased with this, but I do like how the pictures came out with the lights I had left.

Here’s a sample.

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