Naked Drawing Group. 4.29.18. Model: Steve

Good drawing session tonight.

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Art. Sex. Naked Drawing Group @ The Nudio. 03.25.18

Somehow, there was confusion with the space that usually hosts our group, so I suddenly had 8 artists, a model and no plan. Thankfully I had (mostly) tidied up the house, save random bits of rope, and objects meant to elicit sighs, yelps, and occasional calls to God – those had to be quickly tucked away, and big nest cushions arranged to turn the living room into a cozy bohemian space. Clothes were shed, drinks and snacks provided, light music sent to the speakers, and we all set to work creating art.

We chatted, and snacked, and shared a delightful, platonic, relaxed, fully naked evening, since in Naked Drawing Group, the models and the artists are all naked.

There is something egalitarian, democratic, and levelling about being naked in a space full of naked people.

Tonight’s drawings:

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Cuisine. Cocktail Hour. The Elephant in the Room. 03-10-18.

It felt like it was time to take a trip out to Old Line Liquors on Baltimore Pike in Maryland. It’s a Veteran owned and operated store in the footprint of the now defunct Circuit City store. I prefer them over Total Wine, because where they may be the same sized store, roughly, Old Line has fewer duplicate bottles and a deeper variety of selections which often include smaller, regional distillers in their mix.

Amarula Cream Liqueur is made from a fruit which grows on the Plains of South Africa, where the elephants return every year around harvest time to enjoy them. The fruit, when over-ripe, makes the animals who eat it quite drunk. There are lots of videos of stumbling monkeys and elephants out there, filmed after they ate the fruit.

The fruit and cream of the liquor would pair nicely with coffee and ice cream.


1.0 oz Amarula Liqueur

1.0 oz Mandarine Napoleon liqueur

2 teaspoons St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

A splash of Voss Tangerine Lemongrass

2 oz Greenhat Navy Strength Gin sparkling water

Regular Ice

A fancy ice globe

All booze into the shaker with ice – the Gin is a higher proof than usual and needs a bit of dissolution during the shake.

Strain into a doubles old fashioned glass. Top off with sparkling water and sip.

The drink is a bit like a spiced creamsickle, and a bit booze-forward.

A nice sipper.

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Art. Sex. Naked Drawing Group. 2-18-18. Model: Peter.

Our small but lively group seems to be settling in nicely to the new space and produced some great work tonight.

Our model settled into classic poses, and we did some photography work earlier this week.

Drawings and photos follow…

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Art. Sex. Naked Drawing Group. Model: Ash. 1.28.18

Small group tonight. I’ve drawn Ash before and he is great to work with – friendly to the artists, hold his poses with a good stillness and a sense of humor.

Tonight’s drawings:

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Art. Sex. The Nudio. Model: Peter. 1.23.18

Quick Tuesday night drawing ses

sion in the home studio.

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Art. Hide. 1.23.18

The request seemed simple enough. It was to look as if a painting were hung against the wall. The painting was of no consequence, and designed so that the eye would slide off of it. It was to occupy space and not provoke.

The painting would mask the fact that while the wall appeared to be flat, it wasn’t. It had a gentle outward bow.

It was to appear the wall was smooth and unbroken. It wasn’t.

The gentle bow and nondescript painting combined to mask a cunningly hidden portal; a means for escape if the person was adept at falling backwards at an angle while being pursued.

That person would look as if they dissapeared, but in reality only slid behind the curve into a space between the wall and into a thin, parallel passage.

This feature was to be build into a well known hallway in a single night, then removed within a week. No small feat for a crew, but this task was to be done by one skilled workman who could be counted on for their discretion. This requirement narrowed the field considerably, and so the call went discretely forth, was discretely answered, the portal was installed and removed without incident or note…

…except for the fact of who went missing during it’s existence.

…and that a very small number of people knew of the “hide.”

That was the rather bland name for the proposal, and the memo line on the check with a shocking number of zeros on it that the builder was terrified of cashing.

(…an idea for a short story that woke me at 2:30 am.)

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