Cuisine. Hard-boiled Varieties. 9-10-17

I’ve seen quail’s eggs on cooking shows and had them, looking very cute as tiny over-easy eggs on things in fancy restaurants, so when I saw them at the International grocery store last week, I bought them.

They come in a very cute l’il carton of 18, but once I had them, I guess I was going to make little biscuits to put them on with maybe some ham or something?

I made my little bowl of boiled eggs that I usually have sitting in the fridge when I want a quick snack, so I put a few of the quail’s eggs in the water along with my usual 8 or so chicken eggs.

The usual hard-boil method where you put the eggs in the pot, cover them with water so they are about an inch and a half under the surface, then bring the water to a full boil, then cut the heat off, and let the water cool enough to be able to reach in without hurting yourself. Peel the eggs under a cold tap.

They were so cute, I almost felt bad eating them, but they were delicious boiled.Egg_0005

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