Politics. Yeah. I know you like Hillary, but… 07-17-14

This will likely piss off a few Hillary fans, but maybe you should read it anyway?


We’re not a monarchy. Hillary was First Lady, then was handed the position of Secretary of State to shut her fans up so Obama could try to get things done before the GOP sikked their dogs on him. Hillary may not be responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, but indirectly she was. That was her department, and the security budget was too low and the guy running the office was ignoring protocols and mingling with people in the streets when chatter was increasingly pointing towards hostile elements in his area.

Ms. Clinton’s responses when asked about something under her purview were somewhat flippant and defensive, and minimizing of the problem. If Congress cuts your funding and your people are in danger, we’d best hear you screaming about it across the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) until they do something about it, instead of using the deaths of 7 people as a stick with which to beat the idiots who cut your funding, after your people been ambushed on your watch, Ms. Clinton. Being proactive is a leadership quality. Snarkiness and I-told-you-so-ness isn’t.

Warren on the other hand ran for Senate because Wall Street resisted putting the most qualified person for the job in the chair of the agency that provides oversight to banks and protects consumers against Bank and Credit Card company over-reach – Elizabeth Warren wrote the draft for how the agency should be run, and had the experience in government to be able to execute it – but Timothy “No-Brows” Geithner and Larry (what me? Grandiose?) Summers said no-frickin’ way. (Where did Geithner’s brows go, anyway?) And now that Warren has a seat at the table for us, she’s been trying to get legislation through that will lower the interest rates for Student Loan borrowers so your kids won’t be in debt up to their eyelashes and might actually have a chance at moving out of your house before they turn 30. Wall Street and the Banks are TERRIFIED of this woman. For that reason alone, she should be President of the United States. If not, have you considered her for the next Secretary of the Treasury? Hmmm? 

I expect to be beaten to a pulp by the Fans of Hillary for this post, and if you can come up with a reason that she should be President without ad-hominem attacks, accusations of sexism, Red-Herrings, etc, and give me a few Facts, I’d love to hear them. 

…Oh, and I have approval power on all comments posted to my blog. God don’t like ugly, and on this blog, I. Am. God. 

Was that clear?


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