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Politics. The Death of Hope and The Beginning of The Big Fight. 11-04-14

Well, as the returns come in, it looks like folks votes can be summed up in two words: Fuck Hope. Lots of people voted, but those are the folks who always vote. Lots more people didn’t. Lots more people have … Continue reading

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Sex. Support Your Local Kinksters. October 13, 2014

In recent years due to the return of people to large cities, the acceptance and homogenization of GLBT culture into mainstream society,the movement of blue-shopping out of store-fronts and onto the internet, and online dating, there has been a shrinking … Continue reading

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Politics. The Journey Begins. September 2, 2014

The first step in changing my reality is acknowledging that “fairness” and “justice” are constructs. Life is neither “just” nor “fair.”   The second step in changing my reality is to learn the rules – all of the rules – … Continue reading

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Politics. Of Anniversaries and factions. August 31, 2014.

We are coming up on the anniversary of 9/11 again.  On that day when planes fell, and buildings fell, and as a Nation, we in the US sat in our homes, shocked, saddened, upset and angry that anyone would dare to … Continue reading

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Politics. Charitable Challenges. August 18, 2014.

I know someone whose sister slowly died from ALS. Her family pulled together and supported her. They had a very strong network. The disease gets very little attention from the charitable communities because it doesn’t strike a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Politics. Life, Death, Family and Pets. 07.27.14

Yesterday was a good day. Looking at it by the amount of time it takes to travel from just outside of Washington DC, into the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania, I spent a little over a quarter of the day … Continue reading

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Cuisine. Oh no. Really? Really. 07.24.14

I have a secret.  At least once a month, on my way home from drawing naked men, I stop at McDonald’s. Yes. The Golden Arches.  Those people.  Now that you have judged me for filth, and decided I am one … Continue reading

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