Art. To become a model. 07-25-19

As the runner of Naked Drawing Group of Washington, DC, I get a lot of random emails from people who want to model for us.

Some people have very strange ideas of what that means.

There are people in our group who are capable of drawing at a level that facial recognition tags pop up on Social media if the drawing is posted.

If you aren’t comfortable with being public about your naked body, the last thing you need to be doing is asking to stand in front of a group of artists and be drawn

I ask for ID and a face and body shot of models who inquire out of the blue to be added to the roster. If someone has been referred, I’m going to assume that the artist who referred them has done due-diligence.

The face shot and body shots are for distribution to the artists, so they can determine if they wish to show up to a session or not.

I personally don’t have a type I’m looking for with one exception – We have A LOT of White, Male, over 50, in good to average shape models.  We have a roster full of that type inherited from the last guy who ran the group, and the artists would like a bit more diversity and more of a challenge, so we’re looking outside of that range

Proof of age in the age of FOSTA/SESTRA in this country is MANDATORY.

A person writes to me at midnight last night, with a weird file attachment on his email (which I did not click on, deleted, and then asked for what I needed to set up a file in my model roster)

All the model needed to do is snap a photo of his driver’s license and black out the address and D/L number if he had concerns about privacy.

As the runner of the group, particularly from random models who haven’t been referred by someone else, there are things I have to do to protect myself from lawsuits and other kinds of prosecution.

People lie about their age all the time, and you would likely be surprised at the number of “requests to model” I get from people who are not of age, are not serious, or have strange ideas about what it means to model for a group where they think they still get to maintain anonymity.
Maybe I misread his intent in his messaging, and if I have, I apologize, but frankly, I don’t have a whole lot of time for pranksters, people who aren’t serious, and other folks who waste my time, and there were entirely too many indicators in the model’s response that put them in that box for me.
If you’re wondering what puts you in that box for me:
  • Late night emails (late night fantasies of being in front of a group of guys staring at them tend to become a bit less interesting to people wide awake during the day, and are usually just a horny guy feeding his fantasies)
  • Reluctance to send the requested pictures. (see above)
  • Reluctance to send ID (see above)
  • Flippant or short answers  (a particularly annoying characteristic of time-wasters, I have a roster, right now of quite a few models. I don’t really need new models but I would like more diversity in our roster. I’m not looking for someone to give me a hard time. I’m not getting paid for this, so my patience is EXTREMELY limited)
  • Repeated back and forth on emails when my request was clear as to what I’d need to set up a file in my roster.

If they are someone who has applied before and I’ve said “no,” or haven’t called them in, its likely for one of the reasons above.

…or for one more reason: I don’t need to work with people who creep me out, and if it feels like you’re fucking with me because you think you can, the conversation is over pretty quickly.

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