NDG – 6-24-19 RECAP – Model: CJ


Space, since this group was founded, particularly a space willing to host us has been a challenge – that is, it was a challenge if you look at space as defined by how many people you need to fit into it to pay a model.

Space is much less of a problem if you find a way to make your group exclusive, to have it become something people are willing to pay for to support.
…and if the person running the group was made to realize that being a designer, being a solution provider, and being able to make concepts become realities are skills I had in my toolbox already – it was just a matter of figuring out how to utilize what I have.

…and had undeveloped and poorly utilized space where I live.

The downstairs area previously served as a pantry, a gym I seldom used, a place to store my bicycle, and a space I generally passed through but did not linger in.
The gym equipment was donated except for the piece I use. (Jake 300 resistance door machine  – its kind of fun)
The pantry shelving was hidden behind screens that were inexpensive to design, cut, drill, sand, paint, and then add fabric on the inside attained from the clearance rack at the local Lowes.
Lighting solutions were installed (LEDs – lower profile in a low clearance space, and much more energy efficient than the bulbs that used to be there.)
A bedroom was designed, fabricated, painted and assembled, and can be used as a retreat for the models, and a place for the artists to stow clothes during the sessions.
Floor coverings, acquired.
The bathroom, updated with some refinished tile, updated latrine valves and a bidet
Draperies installed to divide the space.
So now, we have a space, onsite, that can comfortably host 4-5 artists and a model, with an area for retreat for the model, potential short term rental income, and places to station food and refreshment.
We had our first drawing session in the new space, had refreshments and an excellent model in CJ.
If you have interest in joining or returning to the group, send an email to ndg.draw.naked@gmail.com

Be advised, we’re about to purge the e-mail list.

To be clear, we are not looking to grow this concept. We are not looking to expand, and we certainly are not looking to add people to a mailing list so they get to know what we do without having to trouble themselves to show up. That was how we used to do things. I think people (meaning WE) might need to learn a bit about sustaining versus growing, and what better place to start than home?

Folks who can’t attend or won’t attend, well, they get to read the blog like everyone else, and that’s it.
We are looking for models, comfortable being drawn by naked artists. We wish to expand our diversity, so if you’ve been turned down for not meeting type by other groups, maybe you should give us a try? If you have been turned down by this group before, you are a type we have 20 deep on the model roster, so please, don’t make this the opportunity for me to have to be less than polite this time and tell you why we don’t want to add you to the list, OK?

…because I’m angry for a lot of reasons. You REALLY don’t want to give me the reason to open up that anger onto you, do you?

The model roster is being pared back, too, so we have a short list of reliable models and not a lot of the same type of model. You don’t have to look like a circuit party casting call, underwear model, etc. You don’t have to be particularly young either. You do have to be steady holding a pose, ok with posing for a room full of naked artists, and not freaked out if the energy in the room swings toward the erotic. Its not a sexual group, but men do occasionally get aroused, and most in the room really don’t mind if you do either.

We’re not going to tell you to go somewhere and compose yourself.

We’re going to sit there, while you’re aroused, and draw what we see.

If you’re OK with that, send an email to ndg.draw.naked@gmail.com

The energy in the room will be (mostly) focused back into the work.

We may continue to meet in the retail location, but they may eventually find something better to do with their Sunday evenings, so now we have a space that does not depend on other people’s schedules.

Do you know how empowering it is to say that we have a space that does not rely on someone else’s convenience to be available?
Here’s a sample of tonight’s work:

Note: First time I work with a model, specifically drawing them, I take the pose, and work into the negative space remaining on the page after the previous pose, creating a bit of a collage of the work, and the opportunity for me to be able to draw a series of work where the subjects all look like the same person.


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