Cuisine. Cocktail Hour. The Elephant in the Room. 03-10-18.

It felt like it was time to take a trip out to Old Line Liquors on Baltimore Pike in Maryland. It’s a Veteran owned and operated store in the footprint of the now defunct Circuit City store. I prefer them over Total Wine, because where they may be the same sized store, roughly, Old Line has fewer duplicate bottles and a deeper variety of selections which often include smaller, regional distillers in their mix.

Amarula Cream Liqueur is made from a fruit which grows on the Plains of South Africa, where the elephants return every year around harvest time to enjoy them. The fruit, when over-ripe, makes the animals who eat it quite drunk. There are lots of videos of stumbling monkeys and elephants out there, filmed after they ate the fruit.

The fruit and cream of the liquor would pair nicely with coffee and ice cream.


1.0 oz Amarula Liqueur

1.0 oz Mandarine Napoleon liqueur

2 teaspoons St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

A splash of Voss Tangerine Lemongrass

2 oz Greenhat Navy Strength Gin sparkling water

Regular Ice

A fancy ice globe

All booze into the shaker with ice – the Gin is a higher proof than usual and needs a bit of dissolution during the shake.

Strain into a doubles old fashioned glass. Top off with sparkling water and sip.

The drink is a bit like a spiced creamsickle, and a bit booze-forward.

A nice sipper.

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