Cuisine. Cocktails. Gin Pretending to be Whiskey. 5.27.17

Cocktail time:

.5 oz Lazzardo Amaro

1 oz Lazzardo Marachino

2 oz Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin

Juice of one lemon (about 2 oz)

Lemon zest
In a beaker (for science!!!!) add Amaro over about 5 ice cubes, while two medium cubes chill an old fashioned glass.
Add lemon juice and stir, then the remainder of the liquor.
Stroke the rim of the old fashioned glass with the lemon zest (skin without the white pith), then drop the zest in the glass. Stir your cocktail until a bit of the water from the ice dilutes this slightly.
Pour through a strainer over ice.
This one is a sipper.
Complex and bitter flavors here, and
 a gin drink for people who like whiskey. Tastes like whiskey sours pretending to be Gin.

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Avid foodie and kitchen tinkerer, artist, news junky and political wonk, musician, blogger, naturist, dog-daddy, and owner of a kinky play-space. ...and did I mention I'm single ;)
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