Cuisine. To poach an egg. 4-5-16

You’ll need a pan with raised sides. I use a saucier, because the rounded sides provide fewer places for the eggs to maneuver to where you can’t reach them. Put enough water in the pan to come about halfway up the sides and bring to a boil. Add a cup of white vinegar. Use a spoon or a heat resistant silicone spatula and stir the liquid to create a vortex. crack/open an egg on the counter, and carefully drop the yolk and whites into the center of the swirl, and cook for a minute, or until the tendrils of white become opaque.

Remove the egg from the water with a slotted spoon. I put mine on top of thin whole grain bread covered in Mexican blend shredded cheese and toasted them.

Season with salt, pepper, smoked hot paprika, and a light touch of cayenne.


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