My Vote Won’t Let Me Sleep: Clinton v. Sanders

This pretty much sums up why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, too, but I’d like to add this – research the down ticket candidates and vote wisely. A lot of money has been spent to make your local Governments Conservative so your resources can be sold off to the highest bidder and your tax dollars siphoned off into another privatization scheme.

Be educated. Turn off the sports for a few minutes, make sure you are registered and that your address on your ID is current. Go Vote. Make sure your friends vote.

Thank you.

Scott Woods Makes Lists

I’m going to discuss something now that is very personal and none of your business: I’m going to discuss my 2016 presidential vote.

I’m doing this because I feel a certain way about my vote and I think some of you may feel the same way and I want us all to feel a little less alone if that’s the case. To be clear, this is less about what my vote is, and more about why my vote is what it will be. Ultimately, no matter who or what you vote for I would hope that you’re using a similar barometer. I feel compelled to speak on it now because I think the 2016 presidential election is pointedly asking us all to make some serious self-defeating sacrifices in the interest of its self-maintenance instead of our progress.

Now, that last statement is true no matter what party you vote for…

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