Politics. The Headscarf Distraction. 1-28-15

Ok, so the First Lady (since no first lady before this has ever worn an abaya, now suddenly Michelle Obama is supposed to wear one?  Really?) was in public in Saudi Arabia not wearing a head covering. Since I have heard from Muslims in this country that women are free to choose to wear a head covering or not, this would appear to be a red-herring around which mock-outrage can be generated, likely to distract the US public from something important happening in Congress (or possibly to get people to stop talking about Speaker of the House, John Boehner and his treasonous act of inviting the leader of another nation to speak before Congress without notifying the leader of our Nation, President Barack Obama.)


I’m still wondering, since 17 of the 21 hijackers were Saudi Nationals (and wahabi-ists) why, when 9/11 happened, the only planes in the sky were those picking up Saudis around the globe and sending them home to Saudi Arabia, and since the CIA and everyone knew it was Saudis and Yemenis on the planes that hit the Word Trade Center, The Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, why we invaded Iraq?

I’m not stupid. I’m sure the reasons are “Oil and Power.” One of the four networks in the US is held by majority ownership of a Saudi prince (that would be FOX, boys and girls.)

Meanwhile, the blogosphere is in outrage mode over whether or not the First Lady decided to put a piece of cloth over her head? Really?

People need to stop running after red-herrings and pay attention. There’s a lot more important stuff out there at which outrage should be directed.

Like, for example, a woman’s right in the United States to control their uterus if they happen to be beyond 20 weeks pregnant and didn’t report a rape to the police. The GOP, the party of “less government” would like to have a say in whether or not you get to terminate your pregnancy. Luckily, someone brought up the point of incestual rape which appears to have impeded progress on that delightful little bon mot. Or in some states, the right to legally marry a consenting adult if you do not believe in the chosen God of the party in power. Its likely ALEC behind the push, but there are some States that want to say a Wedding isn’t legal unless its presided over by a Christian or Jewish officiate who is willing to sign your Marriage certificate (Oklahoma).

Or the fact that even though Gays can marry in the majority of States in the US now, it is still legal to fire LGBT people in many states for no reason other than their sexual orientation.

This would go back to advice I tend to give:  whenever a “big scandal” happens in the US, keep a careful watch over Congress as they are likely pulling shit. Really unsavory shit that will hit you in the wallet. Hard. Its mostly the GOP pulling shit, but there are several people (Mr. Schumer, we’re looking at you) on the Dems side of the aisle who are also known to pull shit for their donors (Wall Street, we’re looking at you, too).

Later today, the noise machines will spiral up in outrage – outrage I say – about The President’s Wife (who wore a dress which covered her arms down to the wrists, and legs down to the ankles, very demure) and again, bad stuff will slide into law. Oopps! Too late. Its the law now. How did that happen?  So sorry. Nothing we can do.  Oh look, another red-herring. Another shiny butterfly to distract you from stuff that really matters.

Pay attention folks. Washington is just a big game of three card monty and again you have taken your eye off the ball.

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