Politics – Reports, what they aren’t saying, and why hasn’t there been a trial yet? 12-09-14

Ok, so if the reason Bush and Cheyney, Rumsfeld, and Rice et al. were not frog-marched over to the Hague was because we were still fighting the war, and because it could look like we were persecuting the Republicans out of petty revenge and that could tear the country apart? And the economy was in full collapse, so taking a little side-trip over to the Hague while the banks and Wall Street and the rest of the globe’s money circled the bowl might have been a bad idea.

If that was the logic, we just finished up in Afghanistan, and the country is polarized anyway now for totally different reasons, and any election people could claim Obama was doing to score political points is over. Oh and apparently the economy is fine, but would probably be a bit more fine if the bastards who made all the money were made to realize that the reason they have all that money is because they squeezed labor out of the rest of us through fear and intimidation tactics and now that the system is OK…

…It is now time they said thank you and gave EVERYONE a raise?

The report is out. It sounds like they are laying most of the blame on an out of control part of the CIA, but I don’t really think they didn’t loop at least one or two folks in from the White House on progress reports, and maybe some torture-porn DVDs for the man with the tin-can heart?

So maybe now is the time for a little trip to the Hague? Hmm?

Why?  Justice?  Nah. We all know that putting 6 people in jail won’t bring a million Iraquis back to life who died in a war of choice. It won’t give the 200-300 people who in small dark rooms around the planet were asked questions by idiots who got their interrogation training by binge-watching “24” on Fox. It won’t dismantle DASH, or ISIS or ISIR, or Al Quaida or whatever we are calling the well-funded ultra conservative Muslim version of whatever Well-Funded ultra conservative Christian organization is fucking things up in our own country.

What it might do, if we still have a few years left on this planet and we don’t all wind up losing our shit and burning the fucker down is this:

It might prevent someone worse than Cheney from pulling the same bullshit because his company needs another Uber-Billion in a swiss account somewhere to keep his hidden stash of murdered-Jewish-folks stolen art warm.

That’s right. If we can’t bother to start digging and get all of the bad stuff on the record, what that does is leaves open justification for even worse stuff to happen in the future a la “Well, Cheney and Rumsfeld supervised torture and never were jailed, stood trial, or even looked at funny for the VERY BAD SHIT they did, in Cheney’s case, he even shot his bestie in the face and never bore responsibility for it…”  So if somehow in the future we elect another Bond-Villain as Vice President, how will we ever hold them accountable?

Oh, and why do I keep saying “Cheney?”

Because if the CIA was spending all this money (it does take a lot of money to open black-site prisons and torture people), and if “consultants” who weren’t part of the military were hired in to do this job, and then create reports of the findings, if Congress was misled, and the President was likely oblivious, and a certain Dick Cheney  and maybe one or two others, (like Libby and Rumsfeld) liked to “Operate on the Dark Side of things,” would you take that to mean they were running ops?

So again, any ideas on how to file some charges at the Hague?

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