Politics. Connections. Drugs. Transportation. and Detained Child Immigrants. Could they be connected? 07-06-14

Could the immigration problem from the South be directly tied to the combined result of Drugs, specifically the Drug War, and the trafficking of products that are so heavily in use on Wall Street, at the banks, and Washington DC, that high denomination bills in NY and DC are heavily tainted with trace amounts of cocaine?

When you cross reference interviews with the kids in detention in Texas who are fleeing from drug wars with reports of increasing amounts of cocaine found on currency in NY and DC, and cross reference that with the Wars on Drugs which resulted in the mega-powerful Drug Cartels, it all connects. Cross-reference that with lobbying attempts to allow cross border trucking from Mexico and Central America with decreased regulations, and you have your transportation source.

If there’s any real interest in ending drug use, here’s three easy steps: Shift all the militarizing funds we spend on the War on Drugs to a reliable non-religion based drug addiction treatment plan. Legalize the drugs that do the least amount of damage (marijuana) and tax them. Crack down on the high end drug users which make it profitable for drug lords to stay in business (cocaine, heroin and party drugs) – but that will never happen. Religions make too much money off of tying cures to Jesus. Legalizing Marijuana would hit some of the pharma companies bottom line, as use of it would curtail some usage of anti-anxiety and appetite restoration drugs. And will the rich and influential ever be the target of any clean up campaign (as they are the heaviest users of cocaine, heroin and party-drugs) of their dirty laundry? Ummm, no. (affluenza anyone?)

Doing so would likely curtail the immigration problems from South and Central America, as most of those kids in immigration detention are running from wars fueled by drug money.

Stop the demand. Redirect the money to where it can help. End the immigration problem.





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