Cuisine. The Green Egg Upgrade. 11.03.13


I’m not a fan of vegetables at all. Or Vegetarians. Or Vegans. I think cows, pigs, chicken, fish and lots of other stuff with faces are quite delicious. Yes, I know its not environmentally responsible, or fashionable, but if Bessie the cow was sitting to close to a meat-grinder and the mood struck me for a hamburger, poor girl better watch her back.

That said, I do see the necessity for eating vegetables. They provide valuable nutrients and where too many vegetables generally produces skinny, sickly, and really preachy people with sour faces and horrible breath wagging their skinny weak fingers at you while you happily crunch on some bacon, eating vegetables can be made to be an enjoyable experience on occasion.

In a fit of foolishness, I bought a GIGANTIC bag of fresh baby kale. Not really sure why. Was likely possessed at the moment, but an exorcism and a lovely single-malt Scotch (Scapa 18 -lordy lordy lordy), and I was frowning at that thing using way too much space in my fridge- space that could better be utilized by bacon – and so rather than putting it in the trash, I devised a devious plan to hide the offending vegetable but not to hide it with too much bad stuff so I could still brag about eating a vegetable. 🙂

Preheat your oven to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit.

In my garden, now in my kitchen, are lots of herbs, so I picked some parsley, thyme, sage, purple basil, and marjoram, smashed two garlic pods and diced them fine, threw them in the pestle with a bit of kosher salt and some olive oil and set to turning it into lovely green goo. I had a few of those serrano and jalapeno chilies left over from a forage in the garden, so seeded and diced, they went into the green goo to make it pop a bit.

At the knife station, I diced an onion, and some green and red peppers that were de-seeded and fajita style sliced in my freezer,  They went into the sautee pan.

In another sautee pan, a huge handful of washed up baby kale. and another huge handful of mesculun mix salad greens, a pat of butter, some olive oil and a bit of salt, pepper, cumin, and cayenne.  I said huge handful because that stuff reduces down to nothing under heat. Set it aside and let it cool.

I then peeled and par-boiled a russet potato, cut into half-inch cubes. drain them well, and throw them into that sautee pan with the peppers and onions.

In the food processor, put the sweated-down greens in with the herbal goo a cup of heavy cream and 6 eggs. Blend until green and funny looking. Pour the green custard mixture into the skillet, preferred cast iron if you have it, and then over the top grate off some nice smoked gouda and a nice cheddar cheese (about a cup.)  Bake until the cheese on top is a little brown, and the frittata can be pierced with a tooth pick that comes out clean.

If you are a Doctor Seuss Fan,  you could dice up some Black Forest Ham and distribute it through the custard before baking?

Just Sayin’

Dig in.

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