Politics. EndGame. 8.4.13

In one month, while the House of Representatives (US) sits idely by, sipping umbrella drinks on the beach, or golfing, or sitting on the yachts and summer homes of their shockingly rich corporate masters, the clock is ticking. We are nearing the end of the fiscal year. A new batch of austere cuts is about to wash through the system, just in time for everyone else’s fiscal fourth quarter. States are pulling big projects out of the pipeline, because without stabilized Federal funding, it is impossible for those large projects to move forward. These shocks will eventually begin to echo through the system. The worries about the future have not affected Wall Street or the Fed yet.

Congress will return, tan and well rested, and have exactly 8 days to stop the train wreck. Likely they’ll kick the can down the road, pat themselves on the back, and proceed to attempt to legislate their way into women’s vaginas, vote for the 41st time against the Affordable Care Act, and grandstand while they refuse to provide any oversight or controls on the NSAs programs that spy on everything from meta data to emails, to where you go on the internet.

What some independents might need to do in the next election cycle is something that apparently anathema in politics today. Rather than continuing to elect people who are more and more conservative, it might be time to swallow, hold your breath, and elect some moderate, independent thinking fiscal conservatives who are less interested in ideology, and more interested in doing what’s best for our country.

TEA Party Conservatives have a limited playbook and they don’t know how to govern. Their party members seem to be unable to understand the concept of compromise. They don’t seem to understand that racist and sexist comments and behaviors make it really difficult for respectable people to take anything else they do or say seriously.

If we want to move forward as a country, a few of the conservatives out there are going to have to find and elect a thing that seems to be a rarity nowadays: a sensible pragmatic conservative. People like Olympia Snow. Old school conservatives who understood that sometimes you gotta put your big-boy pants on and realize that you need to tell your racist uncle to shut the fuck up and come up with sensible immigration solution. You need to tell your crazy aunt to shut the fuck up and stop voting for idiots who feel a need to yell about smaller government while legislating their way into our homes, our bedrooms, and women’s vaginas.

Elect some people who want all people to have access to lucrative jobs, quality health care, and want to live in a country where the government is allowed to pay its employees and its bills.

Does anyone have any ideas on where we can find these people and how we can get them into office?

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Avid foodie and kitchen tinkerer, artist, news junky and political wonk, musician, blogger, naturist, dog-daddy, and owner of a kinky play-space. ...and did I mention I'm single ;)
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