Politics. The glowing screen. 7-29-08

I bought myself a Kindle Fire today. Thought it was time to enable writing from other places. My scribblings usually come from atop my leather seated bar stool in my studio. Tonight, they come from the glowing screen on my front porch, scotch in the drinks-holder of a surprisingly comfortable Adirondack chair. The sound of summer cicadas blending seamlessly with the recurring sound of a distant hypersensitive alarm in a Pentecostal church three blocks away.

The politics of this week were of the tottering 14 year old  snickering variety when a National conversation springs up around whether it’s appropriate for a mayoral candidate of a major city to send out pics of his Weiner. His wife knows. People judge. The news judges. People on social media judge and claim he is unfit.

Sexting  – the act of flirting and sending nude pics online, has been happening since people have had cameras and internet connections. Potentially embarrassing when a public figure does it, but not illegal and in a time when people are being refused chemo due to the Sequester- the meaner version of Austerity American style, and Congress seems more interested in creating obstructions instead of jobs, I would think the media would focus on the important stuff that affects everyday lives of everyday people. Anthony’s Weiner does not affect my bank account, job security or any other facet of my life so why does it get so much airtime?

Russia seems to be in the news these days. On the wrong side of the Syrian conflict, on the wrong side of LGBT rights, and in possession of a guy who decided to tell us what we already know about government surveillance. Gay bars are deciding whether or not to reorder Stoli and Russian Standard and parent companies are spinning up the marketing machines to counter the bad press. Might be time for Putin to leak another shirtless pic to distract the people from the messes?

Detroit declared bankruptcy. The car manufacturers who we bailed out moved jobs and marketing focus to Asia. In Detroit, they are still making and selling cars, but apparently, more than half of the tax base due to white-flight, has lost more than half of its revenue base. Rather than attempt to attract young professionals back to urban life, or offer artists space to create, the city has decided to take the route of Austerity and now Bankruptcy. It makes more sense to grow a city out of its economic crises, but instead, the city cut services, borrowed against its pension fund, and handed out tax cuts to big business. Funny how people fleeing a city on top of cutting revenue worked to further impoverish a city.

Funny how logic has a tendency to work logically.

In the meantime, the Trayvon Martin case continues to unravel in the news even after the verdict. Jurors with statements and apologies. Trayvon is still dead. Zimmerman is still free even after shooting a kid. Stand Your Ground laws which enable scared  armed people to point and shoot their way out of fear are still in place. The Governor’s office in Florida is still occupied with protesters. Where’s the media?

Tittering like 14 year olds over a mayoral candidate’s half and full nude selfies.

Welcome to a new week y’all. Happy Monday.

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Avid foodie and kitchen tinkerer, artist, news junky and political wonk, musician, blogger, naturist, dog-daddy, and owner of a kinky play-space. ...and did I mention I'm single ;)
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2 Responses to Politics. The glowing screen. 7-29-08

  1. what surprised me is that in the US, jurors can make public their deliberations in a trial after it is over. i would think it sets a dangerous precedent. i am not sure if it is allowed in britain. so far no juror in uk have come public or written a book about a notorious trial that they are in after it is over., and i hope it never happens.

    • gojohnego says:

      The jury was under seal from the judge and really shouldn’t be speaking to the media, but after the whole interview with the juror with the book deal came forward, the rest felt free. And yes, I agree it sets a dangerous precedent. Fame-whores will now try to get on juries and who knows what kind of verdicts we’ll get now?

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