Cuisine. Breakfast. Sunday 4-28

ImageThose little fingerling potatoes make wonderful teensy, tiny little potato chips. I’m partial to salt and vinegar chips. Get out your mandolin, and be careful of your fingers. That blade will remove your fingerprints if you aren’t careful. Under the mandolin, place a bowl with about a quarter cup of vinegar. It doesn’t have to be the fancy kind, but a nice vinegar will determine the flavor of your chips. Mandolin thin slices of your potatoes into the vinegar. Cover and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Next morning, turn your fryer or a nice cast-iron pot with peanut or canola oil up to between 360 and 370 degrees. Put your potato slices into a salad spinner and spin off as much of the vinegar as you can and paper towel off the rest. If you leave water on these potatoes, the result when you put them in the oil will be unpleasant and may cause one of those little trips to the emergency room. None of us want to go there on a weekend morning, so please do a good job of drying your chips and stand back as you gently lower them into the hot oil. As they fry up and float to the surface, keep a close eye on them. They’ll go from lightly browned and delicious to sadly burnt in no time. Do not walk away from the fryer. Get your spider or slotted spoon and fish them out of the oil. Put your chips on a drying rack over a half-sheet pan and immediately salt them while the oil is still hot.

Take a small dipper of the oil from the fryer and put it in a hot skillet and fry yourself a couple eggs over easy. A fish spatula with the heatproof silicon edge makes turning the eggs a bit more simple. The eggs will brown a bit in peanut oil. That just makes them taste better. Don’t fiddle too much with the eggs. Let them form a crust before you flip them over.

Dish yourself up some of the chips and set the eggs on top of them. Break the yolks gently over the chips. Salt and pepper to taste.

Dig in.


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