Cuisine. So you have some leftovers…


Yesterday’s crepe recipe makes between 6 and 8 crepes. One or two filled crepes is usually more than enough for a meal, so there are leftovers. When I’m doing prep work for meals, often there’s left over bits and pieces. I had a container of pre-cut frozen mire-poix (onions, celery, carrots, and my add-in: shallots), some half-and-half that refused to be whipped cream for yesterday’s recipe, and a grocery-store roasted chicken.

In a sautee pan, add a pat of butter and some olive oil at medium-high heat. Once the water all bubbles off of the butter, put in your mire-poix and stand back a bit. The frozen vegetables will spit a bit when they hit the hot pan. Once the vegetables have softened and started to caramelize a bit, add some time, some chervil, and some marjoram, or if you have herbes de provence, those work well too.

Slice the chicken breast, skin-on, into thin slices and set aside.

Put in a pinch of salt to make the onions sweat a bit and keep them from scorching. Add about a quarter cup of cream and stir to thicken, then a pat of butter to make the sauce shine. Add the chicken to the pan along with a little chicken stock to loosen up the sauce a bit. Let the chicken warm through.

Lay out your crepe pretty-side down on your plate. Put your chicken and veg on half and fold over. Take some of the sauce and spoon over the top. Repeat if you are having a second crepe.

Dig in.

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