Cuisine. A plate of comfort. Garlic smashers in gravy.


Its snowy and wet and cold outside, so the comfort food craves continue.

Pictured above is one of my favorite things to eat. It can be ready in roughly 20 minutes. 
I keep frozen Italian Meatballs in the house at all times. I am a firm believer that if you can find something at the grocery store that tastes pretty good, and it saves you some cooking time, and its not too over-processed, use it. I know people who have made croissants from scratch, and the exercise has not made them special or different. It just made them tired. Take some frozen meatballs (about 5 per serving) and put them in a saucepot to warm up with some low sodium vegetable stock, and some dried basil. Fresh herbs are great if you aren’t going to apply a lot of heat. Dried herbs are better in high heat situations as they impart a bit more flavor and don’t break down. If you have some fresh basil, save that for the end, and tear it up over your dish. Save a few leaves for garnish. 

Cut up some yukon gold potatoes, with the skins on and throw in some salt. Fill the pot with water a full knuckle above the potatoes and sent it to boil. While that’s cooking off, get a few cloves of garlic with a little olive oil and a little salt and wrap them up in foil. Put the packet in a 400 degree oven for about as long as it takes those potatoes to become tender to a sharp knife.

Put those potatoes through a food mill along with the roasted garlic. Food mills are awesome and easier to use than potato ricers. They are good to have in the kitchen, saves you peeling time, and you keep some of the nutrients from the skin if the potatoes are cooked in their jackets. Take a scoop of the milled potatoes and stir that into your vegetable broth after you remove your meatballs and let the broth reduce and thicken. Mount with butter. That means take a dab of butter at a time and whisk it into the sauce. It will make that sauce shine and give a nice, round mouth feel. Salt to taste after you have it to the desired thickness. If you salt before you reduce, you’ll have salty gravy. Not tasty. 

Put a cup of half and half or milk in a saucepan with two tablespoons of butter and heat to just beneath a boil. Slowly whisk that into the potato and garlic mixture. Warm milk keeps the potatoes from turning into a thick gluey mass. Salt and pepper to taste.

Plate up and dig in.


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