Politics. The Second Amendment.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Regardless of the letters that passed back and forth between the founding fathers, these were the words that made it into the Constitution of the United States.

It seems to me that the above says that folks should have guns, so that folks, when called upon, can gather and defend their country. The “well-regulated”, in my opinion, means that  a rag-tag band of the undisciplined or the unmanageable (and by this I mean criminals and mentally ill folks with a history of acting out in violent ways) are not a well-regulated militia. They can not be directed or led. On any impulse, they’ll pick up a gun and use it based on their own personal whims or justifications. Today in the news, two totally separate elderly caucasian males decided separately that today was a good day to act up. One shot a bus driver in Arkansas and took a little boy captive back to his “bunker”, and the other walked into a government office and shot 3 people. Both of these on the same day as the representatives from either side of the gun discussion came to Capitol Hill to testify.

Rep. Gabriel Giffords was shot in the head at a supermarket, along with a bunch of other folks when an young caucasian gentlemen took it into his head to kill some folks. Surprisingly, she lived and wants to start a new organization that wants to have a very serious conversation about the number of guns and the number of folks who get killed with them in this country. http://americansforresponsiblesolutions.org/ . Wayne LaPierre, from the NRA http://home.nra.org/#/nraorg has never been shot in the head at a supermarket. He has stood before Congress and TV cameras and anybody who will sit still for 5 minutes and told them why the Second Amendment means NO REGULATIONS (umm, Wayne, what about the “Well-Regulated” part of the Second Amendment?).

My personal feelings on the subject – If a person buys a gun, takes some instruction on the shooting range, learns from a professional how to clean and maintain their weapon, undergoes a background check to make sure they don’t have a violent police record or haven’t been hospitalized after doing themselves or someone else harm, and in my opinion, takes out an insurance policy in case the weapon is stolen and used to shoot someone, or the person has a psychotic break and starts shooting up the place, that there will be some money to bury the victims and pay a settlement to the family equal to at least 10 years of what that person could earn as an adult with a good job, then they can be given a card with a mag stripe that authorizes them to buy one (that’s ONE) gun. Once they buy that gun, if they want more, they should need to talk to a qualified person and give a good reason why with only two hands, and a recommended safe firing stance of only one gun at a time, why they’d need two guns.

I don’t think civilians need guns that can shoot over 10 bullets without stopping to reload. If they need them, they need to prove to someone who is qualified to listen why they need a gun that could possibly kill 10 people, or turn one person’s head into ground meat if they kept pulling the trigger. If they can prove a need, that person should be registered with the BATF and issued a card that says they are authorized to have a gun that shoots lots of bullets and can be called upon to defend their neighborhood from enemies, foreign or domestic. This would entail taking a defensive training course from a licensed instructor and passing that course.

I don’t think a gun owner needs more ammo than they can reasonably be expected to use in a month. A BATF card with a mag stripe should be issued to folks who are licensed to own a gun. Each time a person buys ammo, the card should be swiped to check a database that indicates how much ammo that person has purchased in a month.

Unless that person is an authorized arms dealer, if someone starts stockpiling ammo, a little alert should go off in an office somewhere, and someone should be sent over to check on said stock-piler to make sure all is well, that the person isn’t living in a booby-trapped bunker with lots and lots and lots of guns.

I’m pretty sure most folks would think the above is pretty reasonable.

If you think you need 20 guns in order to defend yourself from the tyrannical advances of our government, ummm, you might want to re-think that. Our government has drones. These drones are now legal inside the US. Some guy in Wichita can sit in front of a computer somewhere and send a plane about half the size of a Mini to your house or bunker, armed to the teeth and bristling with scanners. That little thing is a mote of dust in comparison to the rest of the arsenal. We all paid for this arsenal over the past few years. Folks start talking about reasonable cuts to the Defense budget which makes some folks really nervous and twitchy. Then people stop talking about cuts to the Defense budget and everyone calms down. We have a LOT of money in this country. Our taxes bought some pretty scary stuff that folks have to take lots and lots of training to use. Folks who have jumped out of helicopters in the pitch black, gone down zip lines into armed fortresses to kill people who meant us harm.

Now, do you really think those 20 or so guns you go out playing with on the weekends would protect you if your Government decided to go all Tyrannical?  Really?

There’s a few too many checks and balances in place, including the truly glacial speed at which things get done when that would sorely prevent our Government from doing Tyrannical stuff. Occasionally bad things happen, but with an apparatus the size and scope of ours, its the equivalent of blaming a dog for killing the occasional flea when its hindquarters itch.

In reality, there’s a lot of guns in this country. A whole lot of guns. Not everyone has one. Not everyone wants one. In fact, only a third of the folks in this country own a single gun. Less than a third of that third owns more than one. I would just like the folks who own guns, whether its one or twenty, to be regulated. I don’t want to take anyone’s guns away. I don’t think anybody wants to potentially endanger their police department sending them into the house of a person who is so fearful of the world and thinks the big bad government is out to get him to go confiscate the arsenal he’s accrued and secretly plays with naked in the basement. (mmm hmmm, I know more than one of you has likely handled a gun while wearing underwear or less. And you liked it. A lot.).

I’d just like to think that if someone has an object that with good aim could kill a classroom full of children in the time it takes to have a sneezing fit, someone should know who you are, someone should be sure you are sane, and if we need you to defend us from zombies or Nazis from space, or even a hungry grizzly bear who has decided that human heads must taste like musk-mellon and he’d like to sample one, that we can give you a call, OK?

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