Art. Sex. Vitruvian Drawing Group. Ryan. 4-17-14

Tonight’s drawings…



IMG_20140417_215250_007~2 (2) IMG_20140417_215139_130 (1) IMG_20140417_215046_369 (1) IMG_20140417_215223_797~2 IMG_20140417_215157_347~2


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Sex. Senses Withheld. 04-17-14

Putting down my phone after sending instruction, I looked for the remote to pause the artful splatters of blood and knives known as “Kill Bill.” From the media room, there’s a few short steps to a room. Its a locked room. There’s light. Its soft and indirect. There’s art. It’s erotic. There is sound. Music when played at a good volume can tune the body and heighten the senses.

There are… devices.

One of them is a blindfold.

Warm breath or a feather-light touch across the skin gains texture and intensity when focus is compressed by the loss of senses often used.

Other things are also intensified by blindfolds.

Yes. They. Are.

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Art. Sex. Vitruvian Gallery. 4-10-14. A-Rod

Tonight’s drawings…


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Politics. Brendan Eich’s Freedom of Speech. 04-09-14

Yesterday I was dropping my lunch into the company refrigerator and walked past a TV playing Fox News and as usual, I was offended. There was a panel discussion of three presumed straight White folks discussing the unfair treatment of the former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich and his forced resignation due, in their perception, to the support of Prop. 8, a referendum put the the “Liberal” people of California which restricted the definition of Marriage to One Man – One Woman.

50 years ago in the United States, it was completely OK to say publicly that you didn’t want to swim in public pools with Niggers. You could post signs. You could protest and say loudly and proudly that you didn’t want your children to have to go to school with Niggers. In Virginia, marrying a Nigger if you were White was illegal.

Now people recoil in shock and horror if people use “The N-Word.” We have freedom of Speech in the country but there are some things you just don’t say, or do.

Lately in this Country, we have had a rash of CEOs opening their mouths in the name of Free Speech, and opening their wallets to support those actions. Hobby Lobby has taken their Free Speech all the way to the Supreme Court in their quest not to pay for Women’s Contraception because it violates their religious beliefs. ┬áCan a Corporation have a mandated religious belief when its not in the Religion business? ┬áCan it force its beliefs on its employees?

The CEO of Chick-Fil-A also opened his mouth and gave an opinion on Gay Marriage last year. He has the right to do so, and the GLBT had the right not to eat his sandwiches. This year, the CEO indicated that his statements damaged his company and will keep his speech to a minimum.

The CEO of Barilla also weighed in on Gay marriage and watched sales of his product drop accordingly.

The point I’m trying to make is this:

Freedom of Speech does not guarantee you Freedom from responsibility for your actions. CEOs are representative of the companies they run, and when they speak, their opinions are assumed to be representative of the companies they run. People complain this will have a chilling effect on CEOs giving points of view and giving donations.

Good. If more CEOs would get back to the business of running their companies and spend less time in the public eye weighing in on whether or not people they don’t personally know can have access to the same rights and privileges as everyone else, maybe we could get out of this stagnant economy and get a few more people back to work?

Maybe CEOs should concentrate on growing their companies and leave the political speeches to the politicians?

Maybe people will begin to realize that withholding rights based on one’s reading of a book not everyone follows as law is about as bad as saying “Niggers don’t have the right to marry, oh, and here’s a donation to your organization that’s sole purpose is to keep Niggers from marrying.”

And maybe someday, not just CEOs, but everyone will flinch when someone says that about Gay people.

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Art. Sex. NDG. John 4-8-14

Tonight’s drawings…



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Art. Sex. Vitruvian Drawing Group. Bryan. 4.3.14

Tonight’s Drawings…


image (3) image (2) image (1)

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Cuisine. Pulled Coq anyone? 3.30.14


Its a rainy, cold Spring day here in the DC area. Perfect day for boiling pots and some kitchen prep. A good friend of mine bought me some fresh ginger root, so I peeled about 3 lbs of it, cut it into coins, and set it to simmer with 4 cups of organic sugar, a bouquet-garnis, which is a sprig of fresh herbs tied up in cheesecloth, and a half cup of filtered water. You pull out the herbs, blitz the syrup with an immersion blender, and strain it to get an intense ginger syrup for flavoring all sorts of things. Dark and Stormy cocktails are a good thing.

Now onto dinner. I had half a left over roast chicken which I pulled and shredded, not too fine, sort of rustic. I diced 1 and a half peppers. half red, half yellow and half orange. The other half was cut into fajita strips, bagged and frozen. A tomatillo, diced. Three baby Vidalia onions, diced. One shallot, cut into crescent slices, three cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced, and a lemon and a lime. I microwaved those for a minute after poking a few holes in them to make them easier to juice and squeezed them into a wire mesh strainer to catch the seeds

The garlic cloves go into a hot sautee pan with olive oil. Once the garlic starts to brown, fish it out with a spoon and discard. Just the garlic. Not the oil. Now toss in the vegetables and let the onions soften and brown a bit. Put in your lemon and lime juice and put in about a quarter teaspoon of ground cumin, and half a teaspoon of thyme. Dump in your shredded chicken and a full bottle of beer. I like IPA for this. Squeeze in a squirt of honey, and half a bottle of good barbeque sauce. I like Stubbs. Now pour in half a cup of chicken stock, and let simmer until the sauce thickens. Salt and pepper to taste.

Toast 3 Torta rolls, sliced, and shred about a cup of a good sharp cheddar cheese.

Open 3 bottles of good IPA, invite two friends, and dig in.


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