Art. Sex. Naked Drawing Group. January 30, 2016 session. Model: Peter

Group drawings at

My drawings:







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Art. Drinking While Drawing. 1-30-15

Sometimes I bring pad and pencils to the local bar, and on non busy nights I draw what I wish was happening in the quiet bar.


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Sex. Art. roughing up the roughs. 1-24-16

Sometimes while procrastinating about laundry, etc, I’ll go back and fiddle with the 90 second roughs and fill in some details.


Before… and after.


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Sex. Art. Model: James. 1-23-16

Being snowed in with a figure drawing model is delightful.

Tonight’s drawings.






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Sex. The Hidden Scar. 1-23-16

Difficult topic but a continuation on a theme – if one in three women and one in five men have experienced sexual assault, but the number of convictions of rape are less than 2% against the total number of reported rapes, and most rapes go unreported, there’s a likelihood that anyone reading this message was either raped, knows someone who was raped, or you don’t know you know someone who was raped, but they haven’t shared that information with you.

When you stridently defend folks like R. Kelly or Bill Cosby for whatever reason, please realize something – people who may not have told you about the time when someone took something from them – violated a trust – was a friend or a family member – or made an assumption that because you were drunk or high that “you wanted it” – that person is reading what you are saying.

There’s a very short list of people that I would call upon if I really got into trouble. These are the people I consider my truest friends. They aren’t just folks I’d drink with in a bar or share a giggle. These folks are the foundation on which I draw my strength.

There are some things that once you say them, in my mind, you get moved onto another list.

I can’t trust you if some part of you thinks its OK to defend rapists.


I was raped a very long time ago.

To this day, it still shapes my level of trust, my attitude, and how cautious I am about things totally unrelated to sex and relationships, because on some level, I still blame myself, even though I know it wasn’t my fault.

Taking a gift not freely given, for whatever reason, deeply affects a life, and creates a scar that can’t ever be fully healed.

Yes. Men get raped, too. Sometimes by women. Sometimes by men. More often than not though, its men doing the raping. Sometimes its overt – they said no, and you chose not to hear it. Sometimes they are drunk and they said yes when they were conscious, but now they are passed out.

They don’t have to be begging you to stop for it to be rape. If they are asleep, intoxicated, or in any other way not coherent, it’s rape. If you have coerced them into saying yes by brute force or other means, its rape. If you are their boss and they’ll be fired or not promoted if they don’t touch your dick, that’s rape.

Sex is a gift freely given.

Rape is theft. You are taking something that did not belong to you without permission of the person who owns it. You are violating a trust. You are altering the path of a life in ways you cannot comprehend for a few moments of release.

For a person to use their strength to steal from a person who may not be as strong as you is a deeply cowardly and reprehensible act.

As a man, I hope I’ve never, even unconsciously crossed a line and violated someone in this way but honestly, I can’t be sure that someone in the world doesn’t think of me as a rapist.

If you haven’t considered this as a possibility, take a few minutes and think about this:

Have you ever intentionally gotten a person drunk to have sex with them?

Have you ever put a person in a position where they felt as if they were not free to say no?

Have you ever touched a person inappropriately while they were sleeping or passed out?

Do you think of sex as a commodity, something to be obtained, and totally separate from the living, breathing human being?

When in a bar, is the objective to find someone to fuck, with no regard to whatever lie you need to tell to get what you want?

When you heard “no,” or “that hurts” or “please, stop”, or even no words, just a frozen pained silence, did you keep going, thinking they’ll feel good in a moment?

If you’ve done any of those things, there are a whole lot of people out there who think you REALLY need to change your attitude, and you are VERY lucky you are not already in jail.

If you are joking about Rape, using the term casually, as in using it to describe how you were over-charged for something, or how someone beat you in a video game, an attitude change is in order.

A You-Tube video from someone I admire was released.

She’s very good at explaining things so everyone can understand them, and usually, she’s funny.

Not this time.

The people who would get the most from this video are the people who will likely never watch it.

How Slut Shaming Becomes Victim Blaming

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Sex. The Nudio. Drawing during a blizzard.1-22-16.

Models, especially the fit and outdoorsy ones, like a challenge. Peter took a 20 minute trek through the snow to come and draw with me.

Here are the drawings.





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Politics.The media discovers Bernie Sanders. 1-18-16

Let’s take this a few steps further, shall we?
How many of the people on the list on the left received government bailouts when Wall Street Crashed?
All of them.
How many of the groups on the right had to give things up during the Great Recession to keep the companies on the left in business?
All of them.
How many of those groups on the right list got any of the stuff back they gave up to keep the groups on the left list afloat?
None of them.
How many from the group on the left continued to fire people while giving the executives who made bad business decisions bonuses?
All of them.
My point?
The economy has recovered but none of the folks on the list under Bernie have directly benefitted. ALL of the folks on the list under Hillary benefitted.
Somehow, I don’t think Hillary is going to be able to get her donors to step out of the way of minimum wage increases, to give rank and file employees raises, or to stop firing people each quarter and declaring because now a third of the work force has to do twice the work they used to do for the same money, the executives had “a profitable quarter and deserve bonuses.”
Because that’s how the fuckers are making the money that allows them to donate a tiny portion of those proceeds. That donation goes to the person who will keep that gravy train moving.
That person is Hillary Clinton.
If you like barely scraping by from year to year, and the price of everything going up while your boss tells you with a straight face that busting your ass every year for a 3% raise while they golf and give themselves bonuses equal to 20% of their salaries each year, vote for Hillary. She’ll make sure you have more of the same.
If you think that Wall Street has recovered quite enough and now its time for the rest of us who have been busting our asses to get by to get a little back – like those 401K matching contributions our employers quietly stopped and never paid back once recovery happened? Or those increasing health insurance costs that quietly got taken out of your paycheck? Or the interest rates that quietly increased on your credit cards and home loans and student loans even though the cost of money for them to borrow has been zero percent for years?
If you think its time we got some of that back, vote for Bernie.
If you’d like to do more to make sure that happens, research all of the candidates on your ticket. There are lots of folks in the House and Senate, in your local legislatures, and at the local government level who are beholden to their donors and don’t have your best interests at heart.
Its time to show up.
Its time to maybe turn off candy crush, or one or two of your TV shows a week, and God forbid, skip watching a football game or two and start doing what you can about things that matter.
Things like whether your mom’s water bill will quadruple in a month because her city council sold your water rights off to Nestle to cover a budget gap.
Things like your friends having to consider selling their house and moving, because the State they currently live in will not provide medical coverage for their child’s illness.
Things like your Governor refusing to budget $200 more dollars per month for a water treatment plant, resulting in thousands of children being exposed to lead in their drinking water.
These are the kinds of things that happen when we pay more attention to the color of Kim Kardashian’s underwear than we are attending to our government.

And why aren’t I talking about O’Malley?

Well, when a Governor creates and promotes an environment where the Police are militarized and act with impunity, “Rough Rides” happen. Hogan was recently elected Governor. The environment in which Freddie Gray, an adult, who as a child was exposed to lead poisoning, carried a legal-sized knife on his person, and in today’s environment had a healthy fear of the police, ran, was falsely arrested, and then put in the back of a police van unsecured, and taken for a high speed ride through the rough  and curved streets of parts of Baltimore.

Freddie Gray’s back was broken in the back of a police van.

He died because of that ride.

He’s not the only person to whom this happened, even if he’s the only person you heard of because his death was one straw too many on an already overloaded camel’s back.

I place a portion of the responsibility for the death of Freddie Gray at the feet of Martin O’Malley. There are ways to police a city without resorting to Zero-Tolerance policies, and promotion of privatized prisons.

For that, I would not be comfortable with O’Malley running our country.

Thank you to those of you who read though all of this.
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